El árbol

Last updated: Mar 11, 2019

botanical garden in township "El Limonal"


We try to complete our goals by define and accomplish projects aimed on themes the foundation is working for:
environment, poverty and equal rights for man and woman. We hereby announced our latest project, a brand new botanical garden in the small township El Limonal, situated right next to the Chinandega garbage-dump !




Read more about the progress of the project at our special projectpage !




previous projects

We did several projects in the past and about some of them you can read below. if you want to read more about them we have described them in detail on different pages.



   1. environmental lessons for children

   2. planting trees, project adopt a tree

   3. promoting biological gardening on schools

   4. Promoting solar cooking











empowerment of women

 1. spreading magazine ‘La Boletina’

 2. celebrating International Womensday 8 march

 3. support women  with selling art on the local market

 4. Computerlessons voor young girls





promote work and fight poverty



1. support of carpentryshop Los Laureles

2. collaboration with Nicaraguan youthsociety Huellas Juveniles and support them in their aim to stop
    malnourishment of small children.

3. producing toys and other things for our annual Christmas charity that we organize every year in 
the small peasant villages.