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Last updated: Dec 20, 2016

Two ladies from the USA visit Chinandega

23-december - 5 january

Solveig Christiansen and Darlene Soderberg came to Nicaragua, to volunteer for the foundation. Solveig and Darlene both lawyers (and nurses as well !) worked on some wonderful projects, a medical brigade, cooking and christmas activities.

They brought many usefull items with them like chessboards, a chessclock and schoolbooks. Further Solveig assisted in legal matters concerning land-property. Their visit was a great succes. 

Thank you so much. Also a big thank you and hugs in behalf of all involved persons: doctors, volunteerd, disabled woman and last but not least the children. 


Medical Brigades

28/12 Medical brigade at the vulcano Las Casitas with Dee dee Soderberg and Solveig Christiansen. We could help 25 persons.

30/12 Medical brigade in the village La Mora. We could help 61 persons in the age of 8 months until 79 years old. This was made possible with help of donations and volunteerwork of Dee dee Soderberg, Solveig Christiansen and Rony Josue Martinez Gonzales.

02/01 Medical brigade generated 91 free doctor visits and also free medicin to the people of the community La Mora.
Food was cooked for us by Gregorio from the community la Mora, who did offer also his house for the medical brigade on his birthday. Thanks Dee dee Soderberg, Solveig Christiansen, Rony Josue Martinez Gonzales, Gregorio Mendoza and David Antonio Berrios.




Our team: the doctor Rony Josue Martinez Gonzalez, his assistent a student of medical school Judith, the nurse Dee Dee Soderberg
the weight controller David Antonio Berrios, the one who did point out all the needed medical facts of the patients on paper Solveig Christiansen and Saskia van Vuuren organizing, handing out presents and La Boletina, a feminist Magazine.


Visit La Mora

14th of december december.


Peter Kenninck member of the board of the foundation el arbol went to bring sweets for 200 children for christmas to the village leader Ms Socorro Sommariba in La Mora.

This wall to avoid strong falling of rainwater in the village la mora was made with help from the foundation el arbol. 


Christmas Miriam Aguirre

5 th of december.

Foundation El Arbol celebrated its annual Christmas campaign at kindergarten Miriam Aguirre in the countryside outside of Chinandega.
This year our board member Peter Kenninck was present while he was visiting Nicaragua.
We bought presents for the children, arranged a clown, pinatas and drinks for all.

All tmade possible by a donation from dutch foundation Leo Bijl (thanks to Henk van Vliet).






New logo !

28th of october.

Work Progress has designed our new logo ! We are happy...
Work Progress final comment: Thanks for giving us the opportunity to carry out your vision 
and make it really a pleasure to work for you and look forward to doing more things for 
foundation El Arbol.


Nutricion for schoolchildren

3rd of october.

El Arbol receives monthly money from the Italian NGO Time4life to buy food for 103 children from the El Limonal school.
Below image shows some of the goods that we bought and delivered. 



Second part of schoolchair donation delivered !

11 september 2015. 

Second part of the donation of the Italian organization Time4live of 60 schoolchairs handmade by employment project furnitureshop "Los Laureles" of Foundation El arbol to the El Limonal school in a suburb next to the dump of Chinandega. 



Young "customers" visited workshop Los Laureles

11th of september.

These boys are customers of the workshop Los Laureles our employment project. They came to buy drum sticks to take part
in the procession from their kindergarten for the National Independence day in Nicaragua.


Corn Festival and English Sing-contest El Limonal

27th of august.

Maize, together with beans and rice, a large part of the daily diet in Nicaragua.
In the whole country is in many places celebrated annually the Feria del Maíz (feast of corn). Also at the school in El Limonal.
Saskia was asked to be a juror for the competition where everything obviously is about "corn" ... and on the same day she was invited to be a juror at the English singing contest for elementary school students organized by the association of English teachers. The children prepared themselved well and performed wonderfull.





First part of schoolchair donation delivered
13th of august. 

We delivered the first part of the donation of the Italian organization Time4live of 60 schoolchairs made by
the employment project furnitureshop los laureles of the foundation el arbol to the el Limonal school in Chinandega. 



Cooking by Time4life
24th of july.

The volunteers of time4live cooked again for the children of the El Limonal school, nicaraguan risotto with chicken.






Time4life first day of 'labour' 
23th of july. 

Today the first labourday of 4 volunteers from Italy of the organisation Time4Live International in the botanical school garden in el limonal toghether with the teacher Hugo and the pupils of the 5 and 6 grade.
The foundation el arbol started a partnership with this organization and does represent them officialy in Nicaragua. 
The partnership contains help to the children of el limonal with education, nutricion and medical care.


 The Italian time4live international team that works hand in hand together with the foundation el arbol to improve the live of the children in el limonal.


Volunteers Time4live international organization from Italia make the botanical garden weed-free.


Working hard removing the roots of the Tiguilote ....quit a job !



Update july 22

Finally we have again a woman working in the furniture workshop Los Laureles, our employment project.
And.... it is going well because we have 6 persons working now.


 Patricia, working in our furniture workshop.



Lots of wood...lots of work !



Update july 12


This week we did a presentation about the botanical schoolgarden project for the solidarity group Heemstede. They did gave 750 euro. The members were very entusiastic. They asked good questions. They also sponsored us with some educative schoolmaterial.
Thank you! Your solidarity is good to receive!


About SFH

The Fund Saamhorigheidsgroep Heemstede is a foundation with the aim of providing financial support to structural changes aimed at a more humane society.
The SFH was founded in 1976 by a small group of friends with the idea that we in the richer part of the world, have a responsibility which have shown not only
by words but also by a significant monetary contribution. As a group, we encourage each other and come to a better choice in the projects we support.



Update june 26

The pupils of the el limonal school planting medical plants en kitchen herbs in the botanical schoolgarden.





Update june 25

The church that donated to the foundation money (273 euros !!!) for the botanical garden project !





Update june 23

Our anual meeting of the board was at the home of Marijke van Roy in the city Eindhoven, the Netherlands.



Update june 22

A nice day, schoolchildren El Limonal clearing weeds from the botanical garden







Update may 10


Today we went to the dump in chinandega to bring the garbage of the carpinter and furniture workshop los laureles, it is also the place where the pupils of the el limonal school search for garbage that they can sell. That is why we started the botanical schoolgardenproject on this spot.

A very sad surrounding. 



Next week the schoolchairs must be ready for the el limonal school. A donation from the time4life international.



Update may 9

The acces to sewage is almost posible for the botanical schoolgarden and specialy for the healthcenter we want to build next to it.




Update april 27


Today we did buy the tubes to be able to have acces to sewerage for the botanical garden en the health center.



Update april 13

 Yesterday the first thing bought for the ecology lessons.... a shark mouth. 





Update march 2


While resting under a tree in our new to be devoloped botanical garden Saskia spotted a Guardabarranco, the national bird of nicaragua, the Turquoise-browed Motmot !