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Last updated: Mar 14, 2019

christmas 2016

25th of  december:  

The 25th was the Christmas activity sponsored by the NGO from Italy international time4life we 200 children in Santa Catalina de Siena who live there after the huricane Mitch. We treated them with gifts, sweets, juice, piñata and a puppetshow about how to save trees. 


24th of december:  


It was the day of the Christmas activity in the village of La Mora. With piñata, gifts and sweets...





The 290 bags of candy were cut for tomorrow in the village of la mora and Sunday for children in Santa Catalina. Winston Perez helped me.






23th of december:  

Today was the Christmas meal, dancing and gifts and piñata in Corinto.









The gifts are purchased 234 units now having made 200 bags of sweets with 15 sweets and biscuits variations therein.


 The Christmas activity of the Nicaraguan youth association Asociacion Huellas Juvenile. Dancing, piñata, dinner and gifts.




This year we received many donations from Nicaragua itself, the piñata was donated by Vania Briceño. Juan Alfonso Corea Bravo thank you for building our puppet-show for our Christmas charity in Santa Catalania de Siena. 




21th of december: 

Today we could buy all the ingredients because of the donations we got from all of you for the christmas dinner tomorrow in Corinto of the yought organization Huellas Juveniles. Thanks a lot for your donations.







working in the garden

15th of december: 

Today working the botanical garden with the help of Luis José Davila. 
He's the best in catching the lemons from the tree....with one hand !




Father Douglas

12th of december: 


Interview with Father Douglas Guevara about the situation the poor children
live in Santa Catalina or popular called El Mitch .




psychology plan

29th of november: 

Yesterday we gathered with the director of the school Ojo de Agua El Limonal Ronald and Juan Alfonso Bravo Corea psicologo about our work plan with the school for psychological assistance to pupils, parents and teachers.




23th of november: 

Today we could distribute with the 'unsurpassed' help of my pickup-truck, five beds and chairs sponsored by TIME4LIFE International, the italian organization we work with.







21th of november: 

 Weeding between the fruit trees in the botanical schoolgarden.


Garden Maintenance

17th of november

Vandaag onderhoud gegeven aan de fruitbomen die we drie weken geleden geplant hebben in de botanische schooltuin. 100% van de bomen zijn goed aangeslagen.


These children asked for fruit. Large lemons they                                          zapote
received from an already existing tree in the garden.


Time4life arrival

15th of november

Yesterday we did pick up the brigade from time4life international from the airport in managua




Workshop RUM


10th of november: 

Saskia attended a workshop from the economy ministry on RUM 
Registro Único de las MIPYME) for entrepreneurs so they can pay taxes 
without buying materials for their production. You do need to submit an
annual plan for procurement.




New volunteer !


1 november: 

We are happy to welcome Argie Chavez in our carpentry workshop los Laureles. She's a student from the Politecnico España school for Accounting. She is willing to help with the bookkeeping.







23 october: 

Today, fruit and timber trees are planted in the botanical garden: agave, cactus and bougainvillia for the living fence with HELPING THE COMMUNITY 26 people 52 trees. And 17 plants.






Yesterday we prepared the treeplanting for our botanical garden in coop with volunteers of HELPING THE COMMUNITY.

Thanks to foundation leo bijl, Timbo Hynes, Herman and Johanna Oosterwijk, Hilde Visser, Arnolda Kenninck, Annelies van Weezel and Yvonne Meijer de Groot.







21th of february: Remodeling of the building on the botanical schoolgarden to a little healthcenter.




21th of january:  the garden is getting its entrygate completed soon, today the doors were installed.

Its own electricity meter was installed by the electricity company.