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Last updated: Apr 16, 2022

Newsletter 2020


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medical brigade


15th of october:

Today again a medical brigade in the botanical jardin of foundation el arbol with nicaraguan volunteer doctors and volunteers from the proyect HELPING THE COMMUNITY with David Banner and founded financially by the organization Time4life International.

We helped 115 patients with free medical consults and medicines.







Schoolbus problem


27th of september:

The bus of the special school broke down so Luis and I did bring all the disabled children to their home.




Medical brigade


3rd of september:

Medical brigade in the botanical garden with the Italian organization Time4life International. We attended 100 patients free and free medicins with Nicaraguan volunteer doctors Joel Ruiz, Douglas Vasquez and Anielka.

   medische brigade

      medische brigade      medical brigade




Squier Expeditionary Group visit


20th of august:


Squier Expeditionary Group (SQUIER EG) En el Jardin! This group earned a pizza today! Limonal Saturday English Classes *vía Time 4 Life (Italia) and Fundación Arbol Holanda-Nicaragua.

      Squier EG group




Show your enthusiasm !

12th of august: 





First harvest

29th of july: 


The first fruit of the fruit trees planted this year is a Hawaiian papaya that are small and full of flavor.

      saamhorigheidsgroep Heemstede




"Saamhorigheidsgroep" Heemstede

9th of july: 


Yesterday the meeting with the group of people from Heemstede
With whom we have worked together for 20 years !

      saamhorigheidsgroep Heemstede




Annual boardmeeting

8th of july:  

We held our annual meeting with all board present. We celebrated a big success: The certificate of ownership of the lot of botanical school garden is now 100% legal.

      boardmeeting foundation 2017




New roof and windows medical post

 june 30th:  

Look the new roof and windows now the house in the botanical garden is ready for a medical post and more.
Thank you foundation Leo Bijl from Vierhouten for your gift.

      boardmeeting foundation 2017
      boardmeeting foundation 2017