El árbol

Last updated: Mar 10, 2014

Cooking for malnourished children

El Arbol Foundation organizes weekly cooking nutritious and healthy meals 

for a group of 30 malnourished children from different neighborhoods in the city of Corinto.

We do this in collaboration with the Nicaraguan youth association Huellas Juveniles

It is a small project made possible by the contributions of food
of the local population. 




Cooking for the orphanage in Corinto

Joop Renkers volunteered at foundation El Arbol and cooked in 2010 for the children and families
of the orphanage in Corinto.
Saskia andI are going toCorintoto buy foodandpreparefor malnourishedchildren.

We go to the supermarket and buy chicken and vegetables. A little later we vegetables clean,
while other volunteers all the rice are cooking. In between we get a tour of the hospital,
where we have a mother with a malnourished child.

Around 12:30, the children running up and sit at the tables.

Altogether there are now more than 60 children show up.
Everyone who has contributed money to my 60th birthday can now see how a small portion
of this amount, about 70 Euro, today spent.
That was a very beautiful day on which I could do some gratefull work.