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Last updated: Mar 05, 2015

our partners and sponsors


Foundation "El Arbol" is receiving funds for its projects from 'Kringloopwinkel Heemskerk' and 'Foundation Leo Bijl' from Vierhouten


For many years, "El Arbol" collaborated with the 'Equilibrium Fund "in the United States. Founder Erica Vohman supports the establishment of women's groups that make products with high nutritional value of ojoche seeds from the forest.

"El Arbol" is a member of the National Committee of the FSC in Nicaragua, "Conicefv.


We exchange information about the environment and protection of forests including Honduras and El Salvador. In Costa Rica there is contact with the 'CATIE', a renowned research and training institute for the tropics in agriculture and forestry.

In 2009, two official partnerships were signed. The first was with the Christian women's organization 'Dios es Amor'. The aim was to work together to improve the position of women in rural areas. The environment plays an important role. The second was the national youth environmental club Club de Jovenes Ambientalistas'. This is about environmental education in primary and secondary schools in regions León and Chinandega.


The El Arbol Foundation works in Nicaragua with Nicaraguan organizations:

AMCDA: Asociacion de Mujeres Cristianas de Dios es Amor

 The Association of Christian Women "God is love" aims poverty for their members in the countryside, combined with environmental protection. El Arbol has with them a request to the European Commission for an organic farming project with reforestation.


CJA: Club de Jovenes Ambientalistas

De nationale jo

 The national youth environmental organization founded occasion of the Kyoto Protocol. El Arbol has with them a request to the European Commission for environmental education in primary and secondary schools in Leon and Chinandega.




CONICEFV: The Nicaraguan Council for Voluntary Forest Certification

A no-profit NGO that strives for sustainable forest management in Nicaragua. 


Organizations (mainly in the Netherlands) to us and / or our projects over the years have supported:


  • Foundation "Leo Bijl"
  • RABOBANK, IJmuiden
  • Equilibrium Fund, ojoche products, United States
  • Global Fund For Women, United States
  • Foundation "Nepenthes", Denmark
  • Foundation "Fair Profit", Eindhoven
  • "Saamhorigheidsfonds", Heemstede
  • Partnerstädte Leverkusen-Chinandega
  • Foundation "Gered Gereedschap", Amsterdam
  • Foundation "Hergebruik voor ontwikkelingswerk" (HVO), Heerhugowaard
  • Vereniging ontwikkelingswerk Weesp
  • Saamhorigheidsgroep, Heemstede
  • Workforce  "Vrouwen en Techniek Wereldwijd, Amsterdam
  • Travel agent "Acatravel", Amsterdam
  • Algemene Spaarbank Nederland, Den Haag
  • "Mamacash", Amsterdam
  • City of Eindhoven
  • City of Chinandega
  • Foundation "Melania", Bussum
  • Kringloopwinkel, Heemskerk
  • V.O.F. "Qreacom", Apeldoorn
  • Wegener Grafische Groep
  • Stichting "Kermesse Francofone", Den Haag
  • ICCO Cooperation
  • Foundation "Haëlla", Den Haag
  • Foundation "Eerlijk delen", Heemstede
  • Foundation "Doen", Amsterdam
  • Organisatie "NC IUCN", Amsterdam
  • Foundation "Wilde Ganzen", Hilversum
  • Keizersgrachtkerk, Amsterdam



....and many other individual donators.



Dear donors and sponsors of El Arbol,

El Arbol Foundation thanks all her supporters and sponsors, because without them the work would not be possible for Nicaragua.

The El Arbol Foundation is a public benefit institution, ANBI thy gift to the foundation can therefore be deducted from the income tax.

On behalf of the Foundation,

Louis van Vuuren,